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    About CRTRA

    The Chain Restaurant Total Rewards Association (CRTRA) was established in 1976. It is a professional organization dedicated to strengthening and enhancing Total Rewards within the restaurant industry. Total Rewards encompasses employee compensation, benefits, paid time off (e.g. vacation, sick, holidays) and work/life balance (e.g. flex time, telecommuting, part-time managers, community service). This goal is achieved by educating and training representatives of CRTRA member companies, providing networking opportunities within the industry and broadening the Total Rewards information base available to restaurant industry professionals.

    CRTRA currently has a membership of over one-hundred companies representing over 150 restaurant concepts within the industry. 

    Upcoming Events

    Oct 25

    Compensation: The Horrors and the Heroes

    There's no denying it: Attracting top talent is no easy undertaking and — especially in today's market — compensation is more important than ever. But with so many cooks in the kitchen (from hiring managers to compensation and recruiting), simply doing yo

    Oct 26


    The Chain Restaurant Total Rewards Association (CRTRA), is hosting a regional connect happy hour for restaurant HR professionals in Chicago on Thursday, October 26th.

    Nov 16

    Minding Your Fiduciary Ps and Qs: Know Your Duties, Know the Stakes

    ERISA imposes specific duties and responsibilities on health plan fiduciaries. Failure to comply can result in substantial penalties and personal liability. With litigation by out-of-network providers and plan participants on the rise, it's more important

    Jan 1

    Webinar: Lockton Open Enrollment: Start Early, Communicate Often

    CRTRA members are invited to register for this event of interest.