CRTRA Annual Conference
    July 22-24, 2019
    Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depo


    GS1: Multi-Unit Managers Panel
    During this panel discussion multi-unit restaurant managers will share what they are seeing and hearing on the ground. They will provide their perspectives on human resource challenges, operations insights, what has worked well to motivate their teams, and more, so we can better understand how to provide the best solutions and support to our operators.

    Moderator: Trey Darby, Sr. Vice President, Lockton Companies

    Kyle Wright, Noodles
    Marie Benesh, Panera
    Michael Griswold, Margaritaville
    Marjorie DeRolf, White Castle
    Mike Pauly, PF Changs

    GS2: Ed2go Training Mashup
    Join Cengage Learning’s ed2go team for a mashup of leading ed2go course content and interactive team-building exercises.  This session will provide you with your own professional development in addition to takeaways to share with your team members.  Ed2go’s Dr. Kelly Loobey and Angela Young, will share various personal development training from their platform and PRIZES will be won!

    Kelly Loobey, Corporate Development Manager for ed2go, Cengage Learning
    Angela Young, Corporate Development Manager for ed2go, Cengage Learning

    GS3: Creating and Deploying a Total Rewards Strategy
    Employers are all-too familiar with the "war for talent" and as the ratio of job seekers to job openings has fallen below 1:1. It is now more difficult than ever for employers to attract and retain the talent that organizations need to drive business results. To bolster your recruitment and retention efforts, it is important to have a defined total rewards strategy, while ensuring that you’re investing in the rewards that matter most to your current and prospective employees. This session will review the process of developing and effectively deploying a total rewards strategy, including examples and experiences from a variety of clients.

    Justin Truckenbrod, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Total Rewards Consulting Practice, Lockton Companies

    GS4: Facing the Big Challenges in 2019: Finding, Retaining and Engaging Your Workforce
    As competition for restaurant guests gets fiercer, operators need to do the best job they can in recruiting and retaining top talent. As we face the toughest workforce environment of our careers, three big challenges have emerged: finding enough qualified employees, improving restaurant retention, and engaging your workforce to deliver on your brand’s promise to your guests. This session will share TDn2K’s latest research on how restaurant brands are addressing these challenges and why does it matter. What are the top performing restaurant chains doing differently? This session will help answer this crucial question in today's highly competitive environment.

    Victor Fernandez, Vice President of Insights and KnowledgeTDn2K


    B1: Benefits for Part-Time Employees
    In today’s labor market, retention is a top priority for most HR leaders. Retaining part-time employees has and continues to be very difficult. Employers have limited resources to incent part-time employees, yet the cost of their turnover can significantly impact the bottom line. Offering a robust voluntary benefits package is a great way to recruit and retain valuable part-time employees. Historically, a number of challenges have prevented employers from offering a part-time benefits program: payroll deductions, product cost & availability, administration, and employee service. Learn how some of the leading employers have addressed these challenges and the best practices for implementing your own program. Even those without large part-time employee populations may benefit from these innovative strategies.

    Geoff Rowson, Totem Solutions
    Alan House, Head of HR, American Blue Ribbon Holdings

    B2: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
    Care for Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most expensive components of an employer’s health plan. Many health professionals consider Type 2 Diabetes to be a chronic, progressive disease that has no cure. Thus, the standard of care is one of maintenance, which relies heavily on expensive prescription drugs. Recent research has shown that a combination of dietary changes and intermittent fasting can reverse Type 2 Diabetes for the majority of the population in less than 12 months. And almost all patients are able to get off their Diabetes medications in just a few weeks. Learn the science behind this revolutionary treatment protocol and how it’s being implemented for employers.

    Geoff Rowson, Totem Solutions
    Megan Ramos, Co-Founder and Program Director, Intensive Dietary Management

    B3: Compliance Worries? Be Prepared When the DOL Comes Knocking on Your Door
    ERISA is one of the most cumbersome and complex laws employers must navigate. The risk for being selected by the DOL for an investigation has never been higher. The DOL and IRS have a Congressional mandate to work together... but for what type of cases? In this session, Trey will discuss How the DOL is organized and operates; the authority of DOL under ERISA; how and why a benefit plan becomes selected for an investigation including red flags and targeted issues; the process of an DOL investigation; tips and best practices to make the process run as smoothly as possible; IRS coordination; and homework to keep your worries light.

    Trey Darby, Sr. Vice President, Lockton Companies

    B4: Hot Topics in Benefits Legislation
    This session will review key regulatory changes affecting health and welfare benefits including the EEOC wellness program rules, an update on the status of the ACA’s employer mandate, and the expansion of health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). The new association health plan rules will be reviewed, along with how they may help small employers band together to purchase insurance on more favorable terms.

    Finn Pressley, Littler

    B5: Disrupting the Health Insurance Industry; Not Your Employees
    Please join Wally Gomaa, Co-Founder of SimplePay Health, to learn about the health plan model that is transforming the health care industry. Employer-sponsored health insurance is the most complicated industry from a consumer standpoint, while costs continue to skyrocket for employers. SimplePay Health has redesigned health insurance from the beginning, with a model that benefits the member, the employer, and the provider. Now it works just like purchasing any other consumer product. In order to be a true consumer, you must know the actual cost and true quality before making a purchase. That has been done with the introduction of SimplePay Health.

    Wally Gomaa, CEO, ACAP Health

    B6: The Three R’s - Recruitment, Retention & Relocation
    This thought-provoking panel discussion will dive deep into how companies are developing their relocation programs to assist in recruiting and retaining talent in a challenging market. Come hear what has worked for them and how you and your organization can find relocation success and best practices.

    Moderator: Todd Messerle, Director Sales, VERSA

    Susan Douglas, Senior Compensation Specialist, Top Golf
    Staci Drilling, Director of People and Performance, Hopdoddy
    Cindy Salter, Senior Director, VERSA Relocation

    B7: Benefits - One Size Fits All OR Custom-Tailored?
    This year’s Benefits Survey is diving deeper into variations of full-time, part-time, salaried, hourly, and role-specific benefit offerings. Does your organization offer a consistent set of benefits for all benefits-eligible employees or are benefits customized for different employee groups? This session will explore the approaches your peers are taking. An open dialogue will be encouraged around various approaches and why they might work for different organizations.

    Grace Lattyak, Aon

    B8: Is Your Health Plan an 8-track? What Does Best in Market Mean for Restaurants?
    Is your health plan getting old? A spectrum of healthcare delivery methods is being promoted in the marketplace to CEOs, CFOs, and Human Resource professionals such as BIND, Reference-Based Pricing, and Flex Benefits.  What are these options? What does Best in Market mean to your restaurant?  How do these options impact restaurant employees?  And what makes your plan an 8-track...think 1980s. Trey will review how these methods are disrupting the employer plan space...just like Amazon did with groceries.

    Trey Darby, Sr. Vice President, Lockton Companies

    B9: Benefits Roundtable Member Discussion
    This session will provide the opportunity for members to share questions, best practices, concerns, and hot topics related to all things benefits. Perfectly situated at the end of the conference, continue conversations and ideas sparked from prior sessions, or bring new ones to the table. Come prepared to share, learn and network with other members!  

    Stephanie Forand, Sr. Director of Human Resources, CiCi Enterprises


    C1: Rethinking Compensation Philosophies and Strategies: It’s Time to End the ARMs Race
    It seems like every organization wants to attract, retain, and motivate (ARM) key talent. But can this generic strategy really lead to competitive advantage in the marketplace? The presenters assert that compensation philosophies and strategies that focus on Engagement and Alignment will outperform those that focus on the standard ARM model. And in doing so, your organization will be better positioned to achieve its short-term and long-term goals. This session will ARM you with the following:

    -How To Differentiate Your Compensation Philosophy and Strategy
    -How To Bring Internal and External Factors into Better Balance When Managing Pay
    -How Pay Needs To Be an Important Component of Talent Management

    Erin Leymann, Vice President, Pearl Meyer
    Gregory Stoeckel, Managing Director, Pearl Meyer

    C2: Understanding Pay Equity within your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
    Pay equity has rapidly become a focal point for organizations, now dominating both compensation committee and investor outreach conversations. This session will look at drivers of pay equity, how a range of data analytics used by leading organizations work to identify problem situations, and the scope of remediation approaches available. The presenters will shed light on this multi-faceted issue by illustrating multiple ways pay inequity can manifest itself in an organization and what common tests may show, as well as how pay equity is linked to the broader priority of diversity and inclusion. Attendees will also be invited to share their experiences to create a more holistic dialogue around this highly critical matter that CHROs and executive teams are viewing as both the right thing to do and essential input to their human capital strategies.

    Josh Schaeffer, Equity Methods
    Takis Makridis, Equity Methods

    C3: Ikea’s Journey for Implementing and Maintaining a Living Wage Pay Model
    With mounting pressures pushing employers to pay higher wages, how do we continue to compete? Kenya Jacobs, Director of Compensation at IKEA US, will share Ikea’s journey of compensating their employees with a living-wage model that reflects the cost of living in varying parts of the country, instead of the traditional minimum wage model. Kenya will share learnings and insight into how Ikea has been able to compensate their employees in a fair and competitive way that has driven productive and engaged behavior.

    Kenya Jacobs, IKEA US

    C4: CRTRA Survey Insights—What You Need to Know About Restaurant Pay
    Today’s Human Resource professionals in the restaurant industry are being asked by their leadership to help navigate the challenges of the current rapidly moving market within the restaurant segment. This session will help CRTRA members identify trends and best practices to help establish new strategies and understand the current pay market. 

    Ken Abosch, Partner, Aon
    Cheryle Kaiser, Survey Consultant PM, Aon

    C5: A Year of Turmoil: Federal, State and Local Disruption of the Compensation Status Quo

    During this presentation, David Jordan will discuss the proposed, and enacted legislative and regulatory changes out of Washington, as well as the wide spread proliferation of state and local wage-related ordinances, regulations, and laws affecting the restaurant industry. Included in the discussion will be the proposed regulatory changes to the overtime rules, changes to the FLSA regarding tip pooling, state and local minimum wage efforts, and other disruptive rules, including efforts to end “at will” employment, predictive scheduling and paid leave laws.

    David Jordan, Littler

    C6: Panera Quarterly Heart Checks
    In the current climate of high turnover and low unemployment, Panera made the decision to change from the traditional annual performance review to a Quarterly Heart Check (QHC). During this presentation, Panera will discuss what changes were made, why the changes were needed and how associates feel about the new process.

    Marie Benesh, Panera, LLC
    Sandy Zolezzi, Sr. Manager, Retail Compensation, Panera, LLC

    C7: Industry Consolidation
    Ownership structures within the restaurant industry change frequently causing challenges in delivering competitive compensation. Participate in a session that will discuss the compensation models used in public, private and PE/VC backed restaurant organizations.

    Amy Jennings, Aon

    C8: Impact of Digital Transformation on Rewards Practices
    New technology advancements are occurring every day that are changing the way we operate and market ourselves as restaurant companies. This is impacting what jobs we have, and the talent we need to be successful. As a result, we need to change our approach to rewards including analyzing different labor comparators, and offering different reward components. This session will highlight the impact of technology disruption on our rewards practices and illustrate how organizations are responding.

    Ken Abosch, Partner, Aon

    C9: Compensation Roundtable Member Discussion
    This session will provide the opportunity for members to share questions, best practices, concerns, and hot topics related to all things compensation. Perfectly situated at the end of the conference, continue conversations and ideas sparked from prior sessions, or bring new ones to the table. Come prepared to share, learn and network from other members!

    Jason Smith, Compensation Manager, Denny's