The willingness of CRTRA members to share substantive information about policies, plans, vendors, and experiences is like no other group. CRTRA goes far beyond cursory networking and members truly help one another as if they were helping those in their own organization. The presenters at the annual conference are valuable and real consideration is placed on the post conference feedback from participants as to what to incorporate the following year. I've often wished there was a version of CRTRA for other areas in my professional life. Fortunately, my CRTRA contacts will connect me with the expert in their organization if I need information on employee relations or recruiting!”

    CRTRA is our "go-to" source of information for Total Rewards in our industry. The annual conference always: is well-planned and executed, has timely information/presentations, and is a great opportunity to network. The annual surveys provide us our best basis of information on wages/salaries for our Operations; survey provider Aon Hewitt is responsive and the data is easy to access. The opportunity for ad-hoc data collecting through our association's Survey Monkey link is a resource we use frequently.”